Top 5 Online Sound Resources

With so much content on the interwebs these days, it can be hard to sift through the crud and find the credible when it comes to sound advice.  Expert tutorials, creative storytelling & gear reviews…it’s all out there and available if you can just find the right digital doors to open.  So here are my TOP 5 AMAZING sound resources on the web, go learn!




“Focus on the Creative,” that’s the message from co-owners Kate Finan and Jeff Shiffman from the LA based post house.  Their Blog is a WEALTH of information, like stop what you are doing and go subscribe now type of thing!  They cover topics ranging from gear reviews to sonic branding and mix techniques.  It doesn’t get any better than this daytime emmy award winning team when it comes to advice and staying relevant in our industry.




Want to learn about Michel Chion’s analog tape techniques?! This is your place.  All things sound design and BEYOND! Great interviews with the artist like Monsieur Chion, Randy Thom & Ann Kroeber to name a few. Gear Reviews of course, and even sound design contests. So check in on this site once or twice a month for all the goods.



Two Words: VIDEO. PROFILES.  So amazing.  These in-dpeth videos on the BTS of sound for films like INSIDE OUT and THE REVENANT make me giddy. It’s like an interactive IMDB that only showcases sound. Interviews with the sound teams explaining the processes and motivations behind the soundtracks make this site worth a visit DAILY!


WAM logo color_med res

“Changing the face of sound” – now that’s a catchphrase I can get down with 🙂 A worthwhile non-profit based out of San Francisco encouraging women to get into the recording arts.  They start teaching girls to create their own synths and record their own music, how cool is that?! They also hold events, and have a blog to keep you in the loop with WAM news.  I think more resources like this should be out there promoting gals to get into this field, cause we are pretty awesome at it.



No list would be complete with GearSlutz. This Pro Audio Forum is a mecca for all things…frustrating hah!  You know when you have a tech issue and you feel like you’re the only person to ever come across it?  Ya, this forum shows you you’re not alone! It’s also a  great place to run your questions by fellow sound designers on new gear and tech to see what others have experienced so far.  Love this site, keeps it grounded and real!