SOUNDS LIKE | Star Trek: Beyond

Sound Designing a Sci-Fi film is a sound designers dream!  On the other hand, sound designing an epic beloved franchise of Sci-Fi royalty can be terrifying.  As a fan of Sci-Fi myself, I always await a sonic masterpiece to unfold as I watch these amazing stories.  As such, I thought I’d start a little series in which I give a little review of the overall sound design and my experience hearing it, of some great films as they pop up. And what better film to start with than STAR TREK: BEYOND


It SOUNDS LIKE they skipped over the intricacies that I was expecting in a Sci-Fi flick…


I recently settled into my delightfully reclining theater seat with little to no sticky floor factor to watch and listen to Star Trek: Beyond.  After switching off my phone to avoid accidental buzzes and beeps from my end, I anxiously awaited the opening scene with the infamous shot of The USS Enterprise accompanied by the amazing score provided by Michael Giacchino. That is precisely what I got, and as the film unfolded  I found myself lacking that adrenaline packed satisfied feeling I tend to receive after listening to this 3rd installment of the newly rebooted films.  The first two films left me hungry for another story of Kirk and his ridiculously loyal crew discovering the universe with great sound as a constant companion to storytelling.

Could it be that I waited too long to see the film and my own hype overtook my expectations? I decided to have a little search into an interview with the Sound Designer Peter Brown that captured as he delves into the process of the sound from the film.

“This film was so awesome for a native Atmos mix. Sci-fi is where it’s at because things disappear off the top of the screen. Things go up over your head in science fiction films with a frequency that is not found in other films. In space, it is truly a 360-degree environment and we really try to capitalize on that. It was easy because the film lends itself to that.”

       – Peter Brown/ Sound Designer Star Trek: Beyond


AH HA! Clearly I am an idiot and should have listened to it in Atmos.  I mean for a film to be mixed NATIVELY in ATMOS, you can’t expect to hear the nuances that were created specifically for that environment in a 7.1 mix…I think…sigh…What did YOU think of teh film? the sound? the editing?

For the rest of this incredible interview where Peter talks about some of the awesome programs used to create the sounds and collaborating with the previous team, check it out here: INTERVIEW WITH PETER BROWN/ STAR TREK BEYOND